ANSWER WITH ACTION is about taking big ideas and making them happen. That's my passion. I'm Sloane Berrent and I'm a digital strategist focused on campaigns in social innovation and corporate social responsibility. What can I do for you today?


"Sloane added an engaging and youthful dimension to our panel about Doing Good through Technology during the social entrepreneurship track at RISE Austin. From nonprofiteers to incubated startups, Sloane's tips had everyone taking notes and nodding their up and down. She’s articulate, full of real-world examples and inspires us all to take action!" - Karen Bantuveris, VolunteerSpot

"Sloane is an incredibly genuine, good-willed, charismatic and effective leader. Her Cause It's My Birthday initiative in 2009 was truly extraordinary, from conception to execution. Sloane has an uncanny ability to generate buzz, awareness and action from within her community and beyond. The seeds that she plants grow because of strategy, messaging, heart, and leadership. She knows how to build teams to execute her vision. And her ideas are original, ambitious and a little crazy - the kind that most people would never think they could pull off - which is exactly why Sloane has the edge. Let's put it this way: if Sloane was a stock, I'd invest in her future." - Katie Walmsley, KODA